About Me

Well, hello there you attractive person you! Welcome to my blog The Buttered Toast, formerly the Clouds & Meatballs blog. Why the change in name you ask? Well, the name was an homage to my favourite childhood book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett, but since this is probably the best way to get sued by someone I came up with a new name.

Why the buttered toast? It was inspired by several sources, so pick the one you like most and we’ll say that’s the reason I chose this particular blog name:

A. The Buttered Toast Phenomenon. Ever wonder why buttered toast when dropped almost always falls buttered side down? No, the universe is not trying to screw with you, but thanks to our good friend Murphey’s Law, we finally have an idea why toast lands buttered side down. It doesn’t prevent breakfasts from being ruined but at least we have an explanation. Science!

B. Buttered Cat Perpetual Motion. See this animation of how buttered cats can be used as perpetual motion machines. A very much don’t try this at home situation.

C. This delightful history of toast. And how the French came to find bread so sexy.

A lot of “About Me” pages on the blogosphere can be bloated, with endless details on the blogger, their lives, loves, and passions. I’m a somewhat lazy person so let’s break down the About Me stuff into bite-sized morsels for easier digestion.

The Basics:

  • My name is Hanna, but my friends call me other names such as Hanna Banana or Beans (no it doesn’t hurt my feelings…anymore)
  • Currently living in Toronto, Canada (yeah, that place where Drake is from….we also have a giant phallic-shaped tower!)
  • I was born in Bangladesh and immigrated to Canada when I was seven. I discovered Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs during one of those “get the kids off the streets” initiative sponsored by my local library. It worked too! For the whole of that summer, I was off the streets and spent pretty much every day in the library, getting paler and paler.
  • Love cooking, baking and sharing recipes with people in the hopes that they’ll be my friend….umm, yeah.

The nitty-gritty (where I shall air out my dirty laundry):

  • Live with my boyfriend-lodger (we’ll call him J). He’s the brave soul who tries all my experiments.
  • Work a 9 to 5 job because it pays for my addictions: internet, food, and alcohol (disclaimer: I’m not really an alcoholic. I just have a healthy appreciation for wine, and beer, and scotch, and gin, and–ahhm)
  • I’m the third out of 4 kids. And yes, I do have severe middle-child issues. But it’s really all my parents fault 😐
  • Graduated with an English Literature degree from a prestigious Canadian university. Cannot remember any grammar rules. Literally doing shit-all with the degree now…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. bethmarsh1 says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only prestigious English graduate who has an obsession with food..and has lost all grammatical understanding!! Great blog 🙂


    1. HBeans says:

      Hey thanks bethmarsh1, your really sweet to sympathise with my plight 😉


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