On Break….from Cooking?

Hello 2015!_Cloudsandmeatballs

Yes, you read that correctly, I have taken an extended 2 week break from cooking and baking. Not by choice really but by circumstance. Every year during the holiday season there always seems to be a party to go to, dinner invitations, or family gatherings, so I don’t usually get ta chance to cook much. It’s a welcome change sometimes. A chance to pause and experience the fruits of somebody else’s labour.

Two weeks of feasting has given me time to pause and think about my own culinary adventures. This blog project here has turned into something really fulfilling for me, a place where I can be my silly self and geek out about food. In the new year I will be exploring ways I can extend my blogging and reach out to more readers. Might get a new name (one that doesn’t rely on a famous book/film that dominates Google search engine results). Might travel a bit more and share awesome food from those treks with you all. Might go out to more restaurants to test out my inner food critic. Might upload a couple of YouTube videos so you guys can finally see me work in the kitchen (and either fail horribly or triumph magnificently).

Watch out 2015, this gal is gonna try harder!!



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