The Sweaters and Holiday Drinks Project

Every holiday season, the internet is abuzz with countless “How to” or “Tips” articles that offer an exhausting list of holiday prep ideas. “10 cocktails to pair with your duck confit” / “How to set up the perfect napkin fold for your Chrismukkah dinner” / “Tips on tolerating in laws without losing your shit, flipping over the table, and end up chugging the entire box of wine”. (These are not actual articles, but wouldn’t they be fun reads??).

Feeling inspired, I came up with my own ‘how to guide’ idea, one that I think gets to the real heart of what the holidays are about: booze and sweaters. I wondered why no one came up with a guide to help people pick out the perfect sweater, one that would compliment the many delicious holiday drinks, like toddies, or hot chocolate, or Starbucks’ Creme Brulee Latte, or hello the Queen of all holiday drinks MULLED FREAKING WINE!

Ladies and genetlemen, I give you my How To Pair a Holiday Drink with the Perfect Sweater Guide. 

Have you ever went through your closet and thought, “God, If only I knew how this sweater would look with a glass of spiced cider!” Or ever find youself asking if mulled wine goes with turtlenecks? Is hot chocolate an acceptable accompaniment for cardigans? Can one even consider sipping coffee with bailey’s whipped cream while wearing a fleece, or is that too risque? Well worry no more boys and girls, for I have found the answer to these heartbreakingly difficult holiday questions!

After an exhaustive research, and a whole lot of red wine later, I think I may have come up with the perfect formula. Here’s a simple how to guide for pairing winter tops (like sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans, etc) with the perfect festive drink.

sweaters and bevvies_blog

Turtlenecks love chocolate! You wear turtlenecks when sitting by the fire in a chalet on top of the Swiss Alps, with a cup of hot chocolate nestled between your hands. If skiing is not your thing, then hot chocolates are also perfect for outdoor skating parties. Or at family dinners when your mother insists you wear the turtleneck sweater your nearly blind grandma gave you for Christmas. Hot chocolate will help you out in this situation. I personally love to pair Italian style hot chocolate with turtlenecks, and this recipe from Bell’alimento is to die for!

Sweaters (normal or the ugly Christmas variety) gravitate towards adventurous people (believe it or not). At least in my circle of friends, sweaters always seem to get into trouble, especially when there’s alcohol involved. So when there’s lots of holiday spirit (ahhm) in the punch or cider, make sure you’ve got you’re fave sweater on. Also check out this slow cooker cranberry-orange mulled wine from Kitchen Treaty, because MULLED WINE!

Blazers and shirts are wonderfully classy. I personally love the Teddy Boy look from the 1950s – I have a thing for men wearing sweater vests and tie (don’t ask me why). Whether it’s a blazer or just a dress shirt, a classy outfit desreves a classy holiday drink like this cranberry gimlet from

And last but not least, cardigans! I love cradigans! I think I have at least 1 of every shade in my closet. You can button up or let loose and button down, so if you’re a teetotaler or a lush like me, the cardigan will make you look real good this holiday season. The versatile cardigan pairs well with a spiced cider (like this one from Bon Appetit) or chai tea.

To test out my guide, I recruited a couple of my friends to model for a photo shoot with some lovely holiday drinks. I made some cranberry mulled wine, Italian style hot chocolate, spiced rum cider, and coffee with Bailey’s whipped cream. Check out some of the pictures from the photo shoot!


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  1. Natalia Z says:

    Great post 🙂 Never thought of that. Sweaters do always make a good cup of coffee/hot chocolate taste better !


    1. HBeans says:

      Thanks Natalia! Hope you got a chance to try out some sweaters and bevies pairings this holiday season 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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