Loose Skin – the Unexpected Inspiration


Weight loss inspiration comes in many ways, from different sources. Some are inspired by fear, like when the doctor says that you might actually die if you don’t lose some weight (this is a true story a friend once shared with me). Others, like myself, are inspired by the many weight loss stories floating around the internet. Something about seeing a stranger’s before and after pictures, and reading their personal journey filled with struggles and challenges, just gets me pumped up. I see their pictures and I feel like “Hey I can do it too!”

But I’m a fallible human being, just like the 7.1 billion of us on this planet, so my motivation sometimes wane depending on what’s happening in my life. But something happened to me yesterday, after seeing a video about someone’s weight loss story. Afterwards, I sat back on my uncomfortable office chair and decided that this was it, I am going to get serious about losing weight.

The video, currently being circulated on the interwebs, is just a dude standing in front of the camera sharing his weight loss story. He’s cute, has a fashionable hair cut, and is wearing a trendy tank that show off his great arms. Originally posted on YouTube, this video is is part of a series of videos by ObesetoBeast detailing his journey from weighing 360 Lbs to (currently) 200 Lbs.

This is a really weird statement to make, but eff it I’m gonna say it: I was really inspired by his loose skin. Not in a weird way! I was inspired by his courage, to put what he calls his “not ideal” body out there for the world to see. He starts with his arms, which looks deceptively in shape, solid, but then a few tugs reveal how that is not the case. As he pulls off his tank, we can see him becoming more shy and uncomfortable but he pushes on, showing us the layers of excess skin that drape over the solid stomach and impeccable pecks. At this point my heart starts to hurt for this guy. I feel his vulnerability but also his determination, to move forward (loose skin and all) and keep working towards his fitness goals.

I never, in a million years, thought that seeing excess skin hanging from a guy’s stomach would have this effect on me. But it did. I feel more committed to stay on track. See the original video here:



2 Comments Add yours

  1. beckerje says:

    Inspiring post and video – thanks for sharing! But the photo that the video paused on with him pulling his skin gave me the creeps!


    1. HBeans says:

      Definitely gross but captivating, in an inspiring kind of way. Would you ever put yourself out there like that, with something that makes you feel raw?


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